5 Things To Embrace In Order To Be Happy


Here are 5 things to embrace in order to be happy. Have fun with these.

  1. Happiness is your natural state. Happiness has been so misunderstood. Happiness,joy, well-being, feeling good is what is natural to you (just look at little kids). Most of us have been conditioned to believe that there needs to be a set of conditions met before we can truly be happy. We need to weigh less, make more money, have the perfect partner, buy a bigger home, be a part of a specific social group, be a stay-at-home parent, be a working parent, and the list goes on and on. The truth is you don’t NEED anything in order to feel good. Feeling good is natural. It is the resistant thoughts you have about yourself, others and life that make you feel bad. It is in the complaining, justifying, neediness, judging, manipulating, arguing, etc. with yourself and others that makes you feel bad. If you can let go of those behaviors (Read 5 Things To Let Go Of In Order To Be Free) you will naturally feel good without efforting and before you have reached that weight, that net worth, that set of conditions you have convinced yourself you need first. No matter what is happening around you, you can be as happy as you choose to be. And the perk to happiness, once you maintain that happiness, everything you want flows effortlessly to you. So just stop doing that thing you do that prevents your natural joyful state.
  2. Abundance is your natural right. Abundance means a large quantity of something. When referring to abundance we are talking about money, health, joy, relationships, anything that is important to you. You are a powerful human creator that is here in this reality for the purpose of joy and creating anything and everything that you desire. It is your natural right to have an abundance of whatever it is that you desire. No matter what it is that you want, it is your right to have it. Since your thoughts create your reality, doesn’t it make sense? You can think anything, which is how you know you can have anything, and as much of anything as you desire. If you can believe in your own worthiness and allow yourself to let go of old conditioned beliefs, you can have, be or do anything. You just need to believe in who you really are (Read Become What You Want To Have).
  3. Everything is happening for you. Everything that has happened and will continue to happen in your life, or in anyone else’s in a result of their OWN vibrational state. This means the unique mix of thoughts and emotions. Everything that is happening is showing you exactly where you are. Most people try to run around controlling conditions, themselves and other people in order to feel better (Read Let Go Of Trying To Control Everything) However, if you don’t handle your inner world, no matter what you do in your outer world, you won’t feel fulfilled. You have to allow your outer world to come from your inner world. Everything is just an indicator of where you have been. So starting right now, if you will allow yourself to feel better, what is happening around you will also change.
  4. You only have to create for yourself. What this means is mind your own business. Since your mix of thoughts and emotions creates your life experience, you really can’t create for anyone else anyways. And they can’t create for you. Everyone is responsible for their own life and their own emotions (Read Mind Your Own Business). If you think about it, this is incredibly freeing. If you only have to monitor your own thoughts and emotions, and you only need to allow yourself to feel good, doesn’t that seem do-able? And since only you know who you really are and what you want, no one outside of you can really ever give you solid advice. They can only help you from where they are. So if the people you go to aren’t in a really good place, or you aren’t in a really good place when trying to help others, is it really helping? Try to mind your business for a little while and watch what happens.
  5. Giving is natural once you allow yourself to feel good. Every one of us naturally wants to help and give when we are in our natural state of joy. Sometimes we are quick to judge others or ourselves as selfish when they or we are unable to give the way we think they or we should. But what you need to understand is that when people can’t give, it is because they are not in the emotional state to give. In order to appreciate someone else, you have to be in a state of appreciation. When you feel appreciation, you will naturally appreciate others and give from a good place when you want to (Read The Key To Lasting Happiness). Also, if you can get your own self into a feeling of appreciation, you will stop trying to get other people to do it for you. What you are really looking for is a feeling of appreciation within yourself. So stop calling people or yourself selfish and expecting them to put you before their own self. If someone can’t give to you, they haven’t figured out how to give to their own self yet. Leave them alone and find appreciation within yourself. Once you feel good you will naturally give when you want to. When they feel good they will naturally give when they want to. So the bottom line here is stop expecting others to do what you haven’t figured out for yourself. Let yourself and/or others take the time they need to get into a state of appreciation before expecting them or yourself to give to someone else.




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