Hi, I’m Dana Gatto, a personal development life coach.

I remember when I cared what other people thought of me.⁣

When I would instinctively say yes when I wanted to say no.⁣

When I would ask other people what I should do instead of trusting myself.⁣

When I held onto relationships that were not a good fit for way too long.⁣⁣

Guess what?

⁣⁣Caring what other people thought had catapulted me into constant validation seeking and isolation while compounding the guilt and self doubt.

Saying yes was a complete disservice to both myself and everything and everyone I wanted to say no to.⁣

I would receive advice that didn’t feel right to me, and rightfully so.

No one could know what I wanted or what I was capable of like I did.⁣

Staying in relationships that were bad for me resulted in constant anxiety, which made sense given that anxiety is fear.

I worked out, ate well, did what I was “supposed” to do.

⁣But I couldn’t consistently stay up.⁣

I couldn’t consistently keep my health and fitness goals where I wanted.⁣

I couldn’t get my finances where I wanted them.

⁣I didn’t know the difference between doing what I really wanted to do and what I was doing just because I always had or because someone else wanted me to.

I was missing something.

⁣I decided to take full responsibility for understanding and applying what allows people to thrive consistently.⁣

I started devouring books, learning about limiting beliefs, mindset, emotions, and identifying what healthy belief systems actually are.⁣

It was all in how I was thinking.


As I did the psychological and emotional work…everything began to transform.

⁣Everything that was working was because of my mindset and everything that wasn’t, including my emotions, was because of how I was thinking.⁣

What started happening?⁣

I started to own what I value, what is actually important to me.⁣

I started to value myself, exactly as I am.

I set goals for what I wanted and created plans to make them happen.

If I couldn’t take action, I addressed the limiting belief(s) holding me back and replaced them.⁣

Confidence is knowing and loving who you are, owning that, and believing you can absolutely do anything once you make a true decision and commit to the work.

I have ignited a vitality that I consistently feel, I’m confident and I know who I am-the real me.⁣

The only thing that can get in my way is me-and I love knowing that, because that gives me power.

⁣This is what I want to help you do.

It is my mission to help you unleash your true dreams, make them happen, and live a life you love.

I would be honored to hear from you.




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