What is confidence? How do you get more of it?

What if I told you confidence is seeing yourself as you really are. Confidence is knowing how worthy you are, how wonderful you are, how brilliant you are. Confidence is knowing that others possess these same innate traits even if they don’t know it yet. Confidence is not arrogance, it’s not achieved, it’s not earned, it is felt. It is your birth right to feel worthy because you are in fact worthy of anything and everything you could ever want and imagine. Confidence is not given to you by anyone else, just as it can not be taken away by anyone else. It is simply the way you feel about yourself, the world and others. Do you feel worthy? Are they worthy?

I want you to imagine the most confident person you know, how do they speak? What do they believe about themselves and those around them? Do they speak highly of others or put down others? Do they focus on what they want and get it or do they lack luster. Do they expect others to do everything for them or do they go out and handle their lives, their health, their finances, their relationships, do they learn and practice things they want to master? To they blame others or take responsibility for themselves?

How worthy you feel and your beliefs about your own ability to make your dreams a reality will equal your level of confidence. The better you feel and the more you focus on what you want, the more the universe will allow what you want to come to you and you’ll begin feeling your own worthiness. The more you take responsibility for your own emotions and your own dreams the more worthy you’ll feel, and in time your confidence will rise. You are wonderful. You are brilliant. You are loved. You have value. You can live your dreams, but you have to take responsibility for yourself. You have to spend time feeling good, thinking thoughts that feel good, focusing on what you want, minding your own business, letting others tend to their own business and releasing old resistant patterns of thought.

You want to be more confident?

Here is a list of 10 ways feel confident:

1. Believe in your own dreams. If you can think it, you have it. Believe in what you want, who you are, and care enough about yourself to believe you can actually have what you want.

2. Understand that no one is more or less worthy than anyone else in any arena…people are simply engaging in different levels of understanding their own personal worthiness. One person achieving their dreams does not prevent you from living yours and vice versa.

3.  Spend more time doing things you love and with people who you love to be with. You are worthy of feeling good and being with others who feel good to you.

4. Your past does not equal your future. It does not matter what you have done, where you grew up, what has happened to you, what resources you currently have or had. You can start right where you are and live every dream you have ever had, right now. There is no pre-paved path and you are always allowed to start over.

5. Take responsibility for yourself. No one can think for you and no one can feel for you. Only you can make you feel anything. Only you can believe that you are wonderful and know it. Only you can live out your dreams for you. Stop giving other people responsibility for where you are and where you’re going. You have the power. Make new decisions if you want new results.

6. Speak highly of others or don’t speak at all. There is no value in criticizing others or yourself. Change the situation, accept it or move on.

7. No one can take away your confidence except you. Only you can decide that you are not wonderful, brilliant and worthy. Only you can decide to live in a negative emotional state. Only you can decide that your dreams aren’t worth going after. No one can take away your worth, just as no one can decide your worth besides you…and you, you are priceless.

8. Genius is simply focused attention to a subject. You will be more interested in certain subjects over others, you’re supposed to be. No one ever said you have to like everything. What separates the masters from everyone else is simply their focus on a subject plus their emotional state when they’re focusing. You can be a master at anything you desire. Just get emotionally ready and get focused. Day in and day out, masters are masters of focusing and executing. They are never truly satisfied knowing there is always more to learn, to give, to feel, to understand, you get the idea.

9. Stop listening to other people. No one knows what is inside of you but you. No one knows what you value, what you want, what your passions are, who you really are, what your dreams are and what you’re capable of like you do. Let your own inner voice be the loudest one and follow it.

10. Practice. Practice loving yourself every day. Practice feeling good. Practice positive emotion. Be nice to yourself, this takes time.



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