Connection is Freedom

dana gatto


Connection is freedom.

Who do you look up to?

Who do people tell you you’re just like?

What have people told you your qualities are.

How much weight have you placed on the opinions and behaviors you’ve received from other people?

What if none of that mattered?

What if the only opinion that mattered was the one from coming from your true self?

Think for a second about whose voice or voices carry weight in your mind and heart.

Whether it’s because they’re loving or because they’re unloving.

Feed you or drain you.

Inspire you or criticize you.

When you care what other people think, what their opinions are, what they see…you’re like a puppet on a string…controlled.

Easily manipulated.

You can become needy…needing that positive reinforcement or validation to feel good.

You seek to behave in ways that keep that positive reinforcement coming.

Or you can become so focused on trying to prove or hurt the ones who have critical things to say, you waste time trying instead of just happily living.

You feel unworthy and undeserving or unlovable based on opinions and behavior you’ve experienced.

What if you could experience life where none of that mattered?

Your connection, how YOU feel about YOU.

What you think about you, what you know about you…This is what you’re really after.

This is what freedom is.

It’s not needing people to validate you…you know you.

It’s not caring what they see in you…you see you.

\It’s not needing their opinion…your higher self inspires the best path and decisions for YOU and your growth and life.

When you let go of caring what other people think, you’re free.

You can be you…you feel safe…secure…at home.

Your connection means your mind becomes yours again.

You are no longer a slave to incessant thinking, the past, explaining, rationalizing, justifying, holding back, proving, criticizing, or defending.

Your relationships feel free…they are free.Because whether you’re alone or with people, you feel connected.

And when someone or something isn’t a good fit for you, you accept this more easily.

You’re more of yourself, you love more, give more, receive more, communicate better, and smile more.

The people around you feel more safe, secure, and true because their opinions and behaviors aren’t the reason you feel the way you do.

There’s space for them to feel their own connection in your presence.

You see more clearly.

You begin to trust more.

Your life begins to feel like yours.

Your dreams become tangible, what you don’t want or don’t like is replaced by what you do.

I’ve been shedding old stories, beliefs, opinions, and blueprinting for some time and will continue to do so forever more.

With every moment I step back into myself and focus more on my true self, my higher self…the anger sheds, the trying slows, the peace rises, the genuine kindness grows, the people pleasing stops, my life is a reflection of ME, the genuine loving me regains her place.

What other people think, do and believe is none of your business.

Your business is you…It’s being the truest version of you…the real you.

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