Do You Believe You Deserve To Live Your Dream Life?


Living Your Dream Life


The key to living your dream life is to feel as good as you can in any moment and to believe you can have, be or do anything.

Do You Believe You Should Feel Good In Order To Live Your Dream Life?


The first part is that you have to feel really good in order to allow what it is that you desire. You have to be able to move past negative emotion and allow what it is that you desire. You feel it, then you allow yourself to catch up to your own desire emotionally.

If you believe you should feel bad, that certain circumstances warrant negative emotion, that there is value in holding onto negative emotion, or that you are justified in your feeling bad, you are blocking all the good things from coming to you. You may very well be justified in your negative emotion, but why are you staying there? It feels bad. Why do you believe there is value in holding yourself in negative emotional states? Do you think you get things when you’re sad, angry, frustrated, upset, worried? Have you associated negative emotion with getting something? Really ponder this question.

The truth is, you get what you TRULY want by feeling good. You might get attention by being a victim, you might feel cared about when someone consoles you because you’re sad and you might believe worrying about someone shows them you love them. But all of these beliefs are flawed. They assume you have to feel bad in order to feel good. If you believe you always have to feel bad in order to get something, you’ll never feel good for long and you’ll deprive yourself of so many things you desire. You’ll spend your life living in ups and downs and highs and lows.

There is a much easier way. Believe in positive emotion and be willing to reach for it consistently.

Do You Believe You Are Allowed To Have Things?


The second part is that you must believe you get to have things. You have to believe you are both worthy of having what you want and that it is also okay. Some people believe it is wrong to want “material possessions.” We live in a physical world and therefore will want physical things. If we weren’t supposed to have tangible things, we could just spend all of our time as spiritual beings and wouldn’t need physical bodies or this life.

Just a belief that you aren’t worthy of things, that asking for things is wrong, that wanting material possessions is wrong, that you shouldn’t want things, that it isn’t spiritual to want things, that you should just be okay with what you have and want nothing more, that you don’t deserve things, that you aren’t good enough at something to warrant receiving things, all of these beliefs or similar ones can prevent you from feeling good and definitely prevent you from having what you desire or even having desires at all. Think about it. If at your core you don’t believe you can have things, that puts you in conflict when you desire something physical or material. Also, if you understand that feeling good brings you everything you want, but you believe you don’t get to or shouldn’t want things, wouldn’t you self sabotage your own happiness?

What Should You Believe?


  1. That you are worthy of having anything and everything you desire.
  2. That feeling good is the path to what you desire.
  3. That negative emotion serves only as guidance and is not meant to be lived in.
  4. That you can feel good in any and under any circumstances.
  5. That feeling good is your natural state.
  6. That you do not need to be fixed, you are not broken.
  7. That the key to living a joyful life is focusing on what you want and ignoring the rest.
  8. That you can have, be or do anything.
  9. That your purpose is joy and what that means is unique to every single person.
  10. You are ready for what you desire the second you decide to feel better.
  11. That you can feel better and better as your life goes on.
  12. That if you focus on feeling as good as you can, the universe will bring you clarity, circumstances and events to help you.
  13. You are guided.
  14. Your life is your business and your business only.
  15. Your job is solely your own emotional state. You can’t do it for anyone else.
  16. Your thoughts create your reality.
  17. Everything will come to you. You don’t have to go out and find anything.
  18. Your emotions serve only to guide you as to whether you’re thinking thoughts about what you want, or what you do not.
  19. Positive emotion is way more powerful than negative emotion.
  20. You are love and you are loved.



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