Financial Abundance Starts With Emotion

Those of us trying to be more deliberate creators know our emotional state is the first thing we want to focus upon when we want to improve a condition in our lives.  The emotion comes first.  The emotion needs to vibrationally match what we want to attract before we can have it.  And, the more we can focus solely on creating the positive emotional state, rather than the thing that we desire, the more quickly what we want will actually manifest for us.  Our vortex (our vibrational reality where all of our desires have already been created) will take care of producing it for us.

Despite successful manifesting in many areas of our lives, how seemingly difficult it can be to create a feeling of abundance, especially when it comes to our finances, when we find ourselves in a state of lack.  And I think we may all be able to help ourselves out a bit by expanding the way we think of abundance, that is, the way true abundance makes us feel.

What if we need to think about abundance more broadly if we are to create the emotion, that is, the good feeling state of having true abundance.

The following is adapted from a seminar with Abraham Hicks:

I know that it can feel about as easy to conjure the feeling state of financial abundance, as it is to get the million dollars we want within the next ten minutes.  It can feel impossible when we have bills to pay and insufficient funds to pay them.  But we actually can get into the feeling state of abundance within the next ten minutes if we broaden our view of financial abundance and think about what feelings actually underlie it.  What does real “abundance” feel like? 

There is abundance of all kinds.  There is abundance of oxygen.  There is an abundance of beauty.  There is an abundance of sunshine today on a day when it was supposed to rain.  There is an abundance of clarity.  There is an abundance of love.  There is a lot of abundance, but you are not talking about abundance relative to those things.  You want to point abundance toward the escape from the bondage of not having enough. 

So it’s really worth going for it.  To most people it seems like a waste of time – you should be looking at the want ads.  You should be doing something more productive than feeling around with fluffy feelings, but if you are able to conjure the feeling of abundance using whatever words that make it easier for you to do it, once it clicks into place, the emotion will become your first manifestation and then other thoughts will come, rendezvous will come, money will come.

Associate abundance with a feeling of power.  With a feeling of strength.  With a feeling of being in charge.  With a feeling of being capable.  I feel capable.  I feel sure.  I feel strong.  I feel abundant.  I feel strong.  I feel eager.  I feel confident.  I feel sure, even cocky.  I feel in love with life.  I feel zest and vigor, I feel robust .  .  .  .  This is the work.  So, now, when you use the word abundance, it’s not an empty hollow word.  It’s a word that has caused you to practice some emotions  .  .  .  So, now, think of people that you associate with abundance and see which of those words apply to them.  They are the movers and the shakers; they are the ones who make things happen, they are the ones who get to do whatever they want to do.   They are not limited by money ever. Their limitations are different than money, so they can play things out on a bigger stage.  They have the opportunity to play with more people .   .  .   .  So they can surround themselves with powerful people who are big thinkers, who know what to do, who have experience, and so the more of that that comes around me, then the more abundant I will be and, hasn’t it shifted dramatically in just this little bit of conversation?  So, now you are not doing it because you have an ulterior motive of wanting to conjure the emotion so that more will follow.  The emotion that you are conjuring is starting to feel pretty good.  Now this manifestation of these ideas is starting to feel pretty good, isn’t it?

Abundance does feel to me like power, and confidence, and strength, and competence and freedom.  And, I do think it’s possible to think about other subjects that give us a feeling of strength, of being capable, of being in charge, being strong, eager, and confident.  It’s a way of coming in by way of the back door to create those feelings when it’s difficult to feel them when we think about our financial situation.  The Universe is prepared to match the vibrations of eagerness, strength, capability, strength and confidence, with financial abundance, even if we begin by creating those emotions in association with other areas of our lives.  And, those emotions do feel pretty good, good enough that it’s worth conjuring them on their own for the feeling of relief and well being they bring us.  And, from there it’s just a short trip to true financial abundance.  It’s simply the way the laws work.  And I know that when I feel that way on purpose my desires are on their way to me.  It’s well worth it and feels so much better than hanging around in a state of worry and lack.

The creation of an extraordinary life takes emotional work. Those who create their emotional states can have, be, and do anything they desire.

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