Get Exactly What You Want

get what you want

What do you believe gets you what you want?

How do you go about getting what you want? What do you believe is the path?

Take a look at some examples below. What is or are your beliefs? Which of these do you utilize to get what you want?

-Hard work


-Getting upset

-Pushing yourself

-Pushing other people

-Expressing your viewpoint

-Withholding your viewpoint





-Passive-aggressive behavior or comments

-A tantrum

-Hitting or kicking something

-Bullying someone else



-Forcing someone to do what you want

-Choosing to do something you aren’t comfortable with



-Getting clear and allowing

-Being yourself

-Changing yourself

-Explaining yourself

-Changing someone else’s mind

-Calling someone else out for being wrong


-Thinking other people are responsible

-Asking other people what you should do

As you can see there are a LOT of ways people believe they get to what they want. And this is NOT an exhaustive list.

It’s really no wonder people are confused about how to get what they want.

There are so many different things being taught by so many different people. Some beliefs you have learned via life experience as to what to do or what not to do, some is from pop culture, some comes from from mainstream media, movies, following your favorite celebrities or speakers or politicians, your parents, teachers, friends, and the list goes on.

Some of these paths to what you want feel good and some feel bad. Think about this…how likely are you to WANT to do something that feels bad in order to feel good? Think about it…does it make sense to believe you have to feel bad in order to feel good? Or would it make more sense that feeling good and taking action that feels good is a more fun and better way to feel good? Look at the list again. What would you LIKE to believe?

If you believe you have to feel bad in order to feel good, you are going to be on a roller coaster of emotion. You’re going to have a hard time staying happy.

So wouldn’t it make more sense that feeling good and taking feel-good action is a better path to what you want? It really is a thing. You don’t have to do anything that feels bad in order to get what you want. If it doesn’t feel good, it’s not the path. If it’s hard, it’s not the path. If it feels like effort, it’s not the path.

Getting what you want is easy.

It is easier than you have ever believed it to be and it can feel really good to you. In order to get what you want, it begins simply with feeling good. It then requires focus, and finally it requires allowing or faith. That is really it. All action that is required is inspired and it comes from a positive emotional state.

  1. Decide what you want.
  2. Feel good.
  3. Focus only on what feels good and what you want.
  4. Take inspired action, if any is needed. And remember…inspired action is action that feels GOOD and is inspired by good vibes.
  5. Allow what you want.

If you want help with implementing this or understanding how to shift your beliefs in a way that this is your life experience, request an introductory session here.



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