You KNOW Your Dreams By The Feel Of Them

live your dreams

Knowing what it is that you really want is easier than you think. I often hear people say “I don’t know what I want” or “I don’t care about anything” or “how do I know what to do?” What you really want always feels good upon first thinking about it. It’s the resistance or the beliefs you have about why you cant have it, cant do it, why it isn’t realistic, etc. that feel bad. It is not the dream or desire itself. This is a really important distinction. If you can be conscious enough to pay attention to how a thought feels you will know if you are feeling negative emotion about what you want or about the how and/or reality of actually getting it.

Anything you want is always possible. If you can think it, you can have it. It is the thoughts you have in opposition to it that prevent the desires from happening. And over time you stop believing in what you want or stop dreaming altogether.

It is not the desire itself that feels bad, it is the resistance to it. So if you want to know what it is that you really want pay attention to what you cant stop thinking about. Pay attention to what thoughts light you up. What makes you happy when you think about it? What excites you? And then listen for the bullsh@t reasons you come up with for why it isn’t possible. This is where your power is. Listen to these excuses and learn to hear them without believing them. There is nothing that you can think that is not a possibility for you. The nonsense that comes up will tell you where your current beliefs are. Take charge of your mind and stop allowing those beliefs to win. Also, stop sharing your dreams with people who have stopped believing in their own. People will advise you based on their own limitations and beliefs. If they don’t think anything is possible, they won’t help you believe anything is possible for you.

Go out and start dreaming. And remember if you can think it, you can have it!



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