Preventing Happiness


How you may be preventing your happiness.

If you are ready to feel consistently happy, today’s video is for you! You may be preventing happiness in your life via one of or several of the ways listed in the video.

Below is a video-blog discussing the ways in which you may be preventing happiness. I am excited to announce that this is the first video in The Happiness Series. Subsequent posts will be released with a video attached explaining how you may be preventing happiness, and how to allow consistent happiness. Each point that is made in the videos will get its own mini video explaining what it means.

I have found that the most common ways you may be preventing happiness are as follows:

-Caring what other people think.

-Fear of loss or abandonment.

-Lack of boundaries.

-Not putting yourself first.

-Not honoring your dreams and your goals.

-Following someone else’s values or limitations.

-Believing in lack.

-Not acknowledging your value and worth.

-Caring what others are doing with their lives.

-Avoiding negative emotions.

Enjoy the video! And please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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