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Stop Listening To What Other People Think

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Who and what you give your attention to is EVERYTHING. Every conversation you decide to be a part of, every thought you decide to follow in your head, every comment from someone else that you choose to believe…these are all the things creating your life and how you perceive yourself in it.

If you understand that your thoughts create your reality, why would you give your attention to what someone else has created that didn’t turn out well? Why would you engage in negative conversations? Why would you follow someones negative opinion of you when in order to have a negative opinion of you they can’t be in a good place at that moment?

It is so interesting how quick we are to follow the news, other people, engage in debate about things that have nothing to do with us, feel negative emotion for someone else’s creation, all in the name of being a “good” person or a “saint” or so “helpful.” Stop believing everything people say or what they believe.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking you out of helping people. I am however asking you to check your emotions first. Do you feel good? Or are you acting from a different emotional state? And ask yourself why you value other peoples opinions so much? Do they know everything you want or what you’re really about? Do you think you have the right to tell them what they should be doing or what is right for them? Do you know everything they truly want?

If you have been feeling guilty, worthless, rejected or anywhere else super low on the emotional scale you have no idea how much better life can be when you understand your personal value. That you are perfect as you are. That everyone gets to choose their own path and be who they are, including you. You are only responsible for figuring out your own life, and they are only responsible for figuring out their life.

Create your own opinion of yourself. One that is not based on what anyone else thinks. Stop debating topics that are not relevant to you just to have an opinion. You most likely don’t have enough information about the person or topic you are debating to have an opinion.

You only get to decide for you. And when you do this, freedom is what you’ll start to feel regularly. No one gets to judge you, and you don’t get to judge them. No one gets to tell you that you are wrong, and you don’t get to tell them they are wrong. Get back into your own self, your own perspective, allow your true self to emerge and live happily ever after.



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