The Struggle Is Real…Or Is It?


It’s time to let go of the struggle.

Life is supposed to be really, really good for you. You are supposed to have everything you desire and it does not have to be difficult or hard.

If this is true wouldn’t that mean the struggle is in opposition to this? Yes! It’s just that most people don’t believe that. There truly is no gain in pain, only in letting go of the pain do you flourish and feel really great. It truly is not in the hard work but in the realization you can do it, have it, or be it that brings forth what you want. The struggle is actually blocking you from what you want, and is simply the result of believing that the struggle is part of the process.

It is truly in the relaxing and allowing that all good things come forth. When you have a shift in perception and emotion, that is what brings about changes in your life and allows you to create what you truly want. The action is part of the fun, part of the journey, part of the joy, but it will not bring forth positive changes without a change in belief and emotion. Action that is inspired and comes from a positive emotional state is action that always brings positive results. Sometimes action alone can help with belief, but without a shift in what you think and what stories you tell (and ultimately emotion), nothing truly changes with action alone.

What You Want Is Really A Change In Emotion

You see it’s the emotion that you’re really looking to change. All the action in the world wont permanently change how you feel unless your beliefs change as well. How and what you think is responsible for what emotions you feel, not what you DO. Again, I’m not talking you out of action, but wait for inspired action that comes once you feel good instead of action that feels like a struggle. You can continue taking action so ling as you understand that your emotion is what truly makes the difference. In short, practice feeling good. and once you feel good, you’ll have what it is you desire.

Take people who go to the gym for instance. Have you ever seen people that come in all the time, but nothing changes. Do you know someone who just continues to work more and more but continues to have financial troubles? Or the person who leaves a bad relationship only to get into the same relationship again with a new face? That’s because the action can’t make up for the belief system.

Action That Feels Like Struggle Will Never Bring You What You Want

So if you feel like the struggle is part of the process, it really is not. You can begin practicing feeling good right now. You can have a path, a process that feels good. In fact, in order to have a terrific outcome, you need to feel along the way. The struggle is not a part of the process. The struggle is hindering the process. It is time to let it go.

You are worthy as you are right now. None of you have to prove yourself through the struggle. There is nothing to feel guilty about. You are supposed to flourish and feel good, and life itself is supposed to be easy and feel good.

Practice letting go of the struggle you think you need and watch what happens Let yourself take the path of least resistance and watch what happens.

There is no gain in pain, there is no worthiness granted for struggling over flourishing. there is no competition that is won by struggling harder. Let it go and allow yourself to take the path that feels good.

Have fun with this.



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