You Get To Live The Life YOU Want…You Just Have To LET It In

YOU get to live the life you want, you just have to let it in.

Anything and everything is possible and indeed certain for you. How does it feel to hear that? Do you believe that? Or do you believe you aren’t quite worthy of all that you want? Do you think it’s too hard? Or that only certain people get to live their dream life? Why not you?

Everyone has dreams and desires. What happens though is that life often causes people to stop dreaming (or attempt to). They stop believing in the possibilities for themselves. They believe people who tell them they’re crazy, or not good enough, or only people with connections or money make it. People make up excuses as to why they don’t really want those things they used to dream about. They convince themselves people with success or with everything they want are bad people in some way, so “I don’t want to be like that.” We justify, rationalize, explain and make excuses.

Sometimes we just don’t believe we personally get to have what we want. Maybe you feel flawed in some way. Maybe you believe things come really easy for you, so you should help those “less fortunate” and expect nothing in return. There are endless possibilities for the false premises you may hold if you in fact don’t believe you get to have anything you desire.

What is at the core of all these faulty beliefs is that you believe that you are not worthy of receiving. Are you open to receiving? Are you open to receiving love, compassion, help from others, money, opportunities, joy, happiness, care, support, etc.? Do you believe you deserve these things? If you don’t have something you know that you do want, you simply aren’t letting it in. Sometimes we believe in order to have something we really want, we need to give and give in order to reach the worthiness of receiving what we have asked for. In the process, you feel depleted and drained. Sometimes we believe we have to give up one thing for another. I assure you that you are worthy of all that you ask for as you stand.

Here is a list of things you can begin receiving now. As you allow these things in, I assure you everything you have ever wanted will begin to flow in as well.

1. Let in awareness.

You can begin to appreciate things that are all around you right now. Nature has so much joy to give us on a daily basis if we will stop to watch, listen, touch, taste, and smell. The gift of this awareness is that we stop worrying so much about what’s going on inside ourselves (overthinking). It is the gift of the present.

2. Let in love.

Love and accept yourself as you are so that you are open to receiving love. You don’t need to prove anything or accomplish anything to approve of yourself. Letting in love makes you lovable.

3. Let in compassion.

Don’t be too busy feeling sorry for yourself (or judging yourself) to make room for others’ comfort. Don’t be too stoic to accept help. Don’t spend all your time beating yourself up. In other words, be nicer to yourself and allow people who are kind into your life.

4. Let in forgiveness.

Allow yourself to forgive. You are human and figuring things out is a part of living life.  Forgiveness means you no longer allow yourself to focus on something that feels bad.

5. Let in laughter.

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Lighten up….life doesn’t have to be so serious.

6. Let in joy.

You are here to experience joy. It is your purpose. Go and experience it in whatever ways match who you are.

7. Let in appreciation.

Allow yourself and other people to feel appreciation for what you do. Don’t dismiss what you do as “nothing.” Count your kindness, and allow yourself to feel good about it.

8. Let in silence.

Be prepared to sit with yourself and meditate on your own love-ability rather than focusing on the things about yourself you’d like to change. It is in silence that new intuitive thoughts are born.

9. Let in your guidance.

Allow yourself to feel different emotions and get really good at understanding what you’re communicating to yourself. Don’t stuff the emotions down, receive them and choose new thoughts that feel better.

10. Let in your dreams.

Let yourself sit and dream without squashing it. Think thoughts that feel good to you and understand that if you can think it, you can have it.




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