10 Ways To Love Yourself Right Now

love yourself

To Love yourself means to care about how you feel

The ultimate act of self-love is to care about how YOU feel. Emotions matter. The emotions you feel do not have anything to do with anyone else, you can’t feel bad to make someone else feel better, their feelings are not more important. Your emotions matter and YOU are in charge of them. So here’s 10 ways to love yourself right now so that you can begin putting how you feel first, and take complete responsibility for it.

Top 10 Ways To Love Yourself

  1. Appreciate who you uniquely are. Who are you? What makes you who you are? There is nothing virtuous about being a carbon copy of someone else, so get out there and be yourself. Be mindful of what you are believing and saying about others. Do you care what they’re doing when it is different from what you do or who you are you? This is a perfect opportunity to ask yourself why you are in someone else’s business. Chances are it’s because you are questioning yourself and so you’re trying to validate your uniqueness and who you really are by judging someone else’s different path. This brings us to number 2.
  2. Mind your own business. What someone else does or says or believes is none of your business. The key to being really happy and aligning with yourself is to mind your own business. You don’t need to get so caught up in the beliefs of others or in the “rightness” or “wrongness” of what they believe or do. It really has nothing to do with you. When you get involved in someone else’s business you take away from you. You don’t need to worry about what someone else is doing or not doing simply because you can not be worrying about them and loving them at the same time. Stay in your lane where you can be one that loves from a place of tending to their own emotions and let others tend to theirs. The more aligned you are with you, the more you can help others align with themselvesĀ  just by being.
  3. Give when it feels good. Giving is a wonderful thing whether you’re giving out love, helping someone, buying a stranger a cup of coffee, donating time or money to something you feel passionately about. The key to giving, however, is to give when it feels GOOD. I am not talking about being a martyr, being used or feeling like you to have to do something. Start paying attention. There are instances when you give genuinely and instances when you do not,. It is time to care about how you feel, meaning you give when it feels good and say no when it does not. The key here is that you want to tend to your own emotion first. By doing so, the giving feels so good, it flows so naturally, you want to do it, and it becomes another expression of your love. Give when you don’t want to, when you feel bad, when you need the time for something you have to do, when it isn’t something you believe in, and it is the opposite of loving both yourself and that other person or people. You have to care about how you feel first,
  4. Follow your dreams. You have dreams but you, and only you have to care enough about you to allow yourself to live them. Every time you deny yourself the things you really want you are in opposition to feeling and giving love to yourself. Who are you living your life for? Do you believe you deserve to not only have dreams but live them? If you don’t believe you deserve your dreams you need to re-check what you believe to be true about what you deserve and why. You deserve to have everything that you desire, and I mean everything. What thought pop up when you read that? Beliefs that say YES! Or beliefs that say, that’s not for me? This will tell you exactly why you are where you are.
  5. Spend time having fun. How often do you have fun? You should say, all the time. Life is really about joy, but often people have different versions of what life means or what it is about. Ask yourself what you believe the purpose of life is. Over here at Dana G Coaching, life is about joy. It is about aligning with your true self and having fun all along the way. It is about knowing who you are and what you’re about because when you do that, joy is natural. When you live life according to who you really are, life is really, really fun. You should be having fun all the time, not reserving it for special occasions or putting it off until the weekend, the summer, that vacation or retirement. Go have some fun right now.
  6. Let go of old stories that feel bad. This one is so important. If all you did was stop telling old stories of woe, sadness, wrong-doing, being wronged, pain, hurt, the list goes on…you would flourish. Every time you tell these feel-bad stories you are NOT loving yourself. In fact, you’re doing the opposite. You are putting yourself in a negative emotional state in order to tell a story that is no longer relevant. Whatever happened, the only thing you need to take from it is the clarity it brought you, because it did bring you something. It may have been a stronger desire for a specific type of relationship (because if you don’t know what you don’t want, you can’t know what you do want), it may have brought you to a higher level of understanding, it may have carved out a new problem you want to solve as a career path, the list is endless but the point is that you can focus only on what it DID FOR you and let go of the rest. If you want to love you, if you want to be happy, you have to let it go.
  7. Meditate or spend time releasing thought in some form. Meditation is the ultimate expression of self-love because in meditating you release resistant thought in order to feel the love you have inside of you. Meditation is truly a life-changing process. The more time you spend in a state of allowing, the better your life gets. What meditation does is stop the resistant thoughts which stops the negative emotion. If meditation isn’t your thing, maybe you can achieve the same result by walking in nature, working out, running, doing an activity you love (drawing, painting, etc), any activity that puts you in flow is really a meditative act. Do more of that because it feels so good and will bring forth more of what you want in your life with zero effort.
  8. Talk only of what you DO want. Focus on talking only about what you do want or do love, and stop expressing what you don’t. Once you know what you don’t like or want, you can immediately begin speaking only its counterpart. You get what you think about whether you want it or not. You might as well think and speak only about what you want more of. Let go of focusing on what you don’t want as soon as you realize you know, speak only of what you do and watch what happens.
  9. Trust in your higher self or your intuition or whatever you want to call it. You have an inner self, inner being, intuition, whatever you call it, it is guiding you all the time. When you feel really good this inner being is very clear and easy to follow, You know exactly what to do, when to do it, you can easily feel the inspiration. When you are in line with who you are, thinking like you, loving you, appreciating you, you are also in line with your higher self. Everything seems obvious, your timing is good, your energy is high, the people you meet are wonderful. In order to feel this inspiration you have to trust your inner self. You are being guided all the time, but you have to be willing to trust yourself above all other people and institutions. No one knows better than you what you should do next or who you are or what you’re about, or what your dreams really are. Trust yourself above all else and feel the love that brings.
  10. There is nothing that serious going on here. How serious do you take life? Do you believe it’s serious or light? Guess what…it’s not that serious. There really is not any reason to be so serious about anything. When you let go of the struggle, you’ll see there is really nothing to struggle against anyway.


Go out and practice loving yourself!




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