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  • I'm Dana Gatto, a Chicago Life Coach.

    I'm also an entrepreneur and writer dedicated to helping you change your life.

  • I wasn’t always a life coach in Chicago. I spent a number of years as a stay-at-home mom and then as a personal trainer and nutritionist. During those years I believed I was doing all the things you’re supposed to do to be happy. I took care of my kids, I ate extremely well, I exercised, I married my high-school sweetheart, I held a bachelors degree from The University of Illinois in psychology, I was room mom at my kids’ school, I had beautiful and healthy kids and a house that we built at 22 years old. But I was simply unhappy. How could this be? I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, I thought. The depression grew stronger, the lack of meaning in my life was increasingly painful, the discomfort with who I was became heavier, and I felt completely stuck. My life got worse and worse.

    At this point I started to see glimmers of who I really was, not who I was told I was or led myself to believe I was. I knew I loved a lot about my life, but there was more to me. There was a next level that I wasn't allowing myself to see. I felt conflicted and confused. All of this confusion led me to a series of events that at that time I believed to be terrible and shameful, but looking back were some of the most important and pivotal events of my life. I went through a divorce, I had minimal contact with my family and lost a lot of friendships, I was dead broke, losing my home, and incapable of holding a job.

    The interesting thing was that at the same time these circumstances were happening I actually felt better than I had in a really long time. This was the first time that I realized it’s not what we do, or the circumstances around us that make us feel good or bad, but how much of ourselves we are allowing and what stories we are telling. It’s what we believe. I had all the things I thought I was supposed to want and I was miserable. Then when all hell broke loose and I "should" have been miserable, I actually felt relief.

    Then the most profound and life-changing thing that ever happened to me happened. I realized that it was my beliefs that were making life so miserable for me. I had beliefs about myself that were awful. I believed the reason for my existence was merely to be of service to others and not for my enjoyment at all. I did not believe I had any power over the direction of my life. I thought I was unloveable and incapable of "real" success in anything. I believed I wasn’t cut out to make any money or add any real value to other people’s lives or the world.

    This realization changed everything. I understood, for the first time in my life, that I had control over how I felt because I have control over the stories I tell about myself and others. I wanted to add value not only to my children’s lives, but to as many people's lives as I possible could. I knew I was cut out for business and starting my own, my way, my rules, I was valuable and passionate about helping people, I had and have an insatiable hunger for learning. I now live for myself and because I love me, I know that I am on a mission to be my full self in all of my relationships and to help as many people as I possibly can to do the same.

    This understanding was and continues to be the most empowering piece of information I have ever received. I knew that I had no choice but to help as many people as I possibly could to understand their true power. There is nothing that brings me greater joy than watching somebody understand and realize their true power and the power of their emotions. There is nothing more magical than watching someone let go of trying to control someone else and take control of their own life. It is my mission in this life to help people create their lives exactly as they want to live and help them discover who they really are, or more specifically who they have become.

    I have three incredible kids, and the time, space and happiness to fully enjoy them. I have work/life balance. I absolutely love my work and all of the amazing individuals I have the pleasure of coaching. I can genuinely say that I live my life exactly as I want to. I am able to work when I want, play when I want, vacation when I want, work out when I want and do absolutely nothing when I want. I created my life piece by piece by understanding exactly who I am, what and who is important to me and designing my life around that. I continue to update my life and I am on a never-ending path of growth and increasing joy. I can now look back at my life and feel complete appreciation for all of the experiences and insights I have experienced, as I now experience total eagerness and excitement about what my future holds.

    Remember...life is supposed to feel really good to you and you are supposed to have, be, and do anything and everything you desire! Change your beliefs...change your life.


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