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Are You Absolutely Loving Life? If You Didn’t Answer With a “HELL YEAH” You Need to Read This!

Do you wake up excited for the day? Do you absolutely love life? Are you killin’ whatever game you’re playing?

Or do you wonder ” “Is this it?” or “There just has to be more?”


Understanding if you’re living your dream life is simple. Are you EXCITED, EAGER, PASSIONATE, EMPOWERED, IN LOVE, FREE? This is honestly how you know. Are you excited to wake up? Do you love everything you do? Are you spending most of your day in a positive state? Are you saying positive things, experiencing positive expectation, or are you complaining and making excuses? Your dream life is the sum of how you feel. Some parts of your life probably feel great, whereas some parts maybe not as much. Pay attention to how you feel regarding specific subjects and specific aspects of your life. How you feel when you think about each part is your indicator of whether you’re living your dream life in each area.

This graphic shows you some of the main aspects of your life. How would you rate your level of satisfaction in each area of the pie on a scale from 1-10?

Now, there are two ways you can be fulfilled in each area. The first way is that you’re already there. You have consciously created a life (or a piece or pieces of the pie) that suits who you are and it feels right. You will continue to grow and modify as you go, but it matches your dreams.

The second way is that you are currently working on getting to where you want to be. For example, if you are working on losing 15 pounds in order to get to your ideal body you should feel great about that. You are doing what needs to be done in order to reach a 10 in this particular area. You have a vision and you are making and allowing it to happen.

Just because you haven’t quite figured out how to make your dreams a reality (just yet) doesn’t mean you should let them go. In fact, you can’t.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t let go of your dreams. So, you might as well own them. I am about to tell you something very important. If you can THINK it, you can HAVE it! Period!

So how do yo start? You have to be clear about what it is that would make each area inline with your dream life.

First step is to get clear about what that looks like. Allow yourself to start dreaming again. Let the visions come. This step is to get really, really clear about what YOUR dream life looks and feels like. Second, get a plan with action steps. Without direction you won’t know what to say yes to, and what to say no to. And last, GO! Just start. Do something that commits you to your new vision. And continue to take the steps one day at a time until it is a reality. As long as you know what it is you want and you’re taking the steps to get there you can immediately begin saying “Hell Yeah” a lot more often! You just need to accept that you have a dream life, and you want it!

What are some dreams you have for your life that maybe you’ve forgotten about or been too scared to say out loud? Post them below. Saying it out loud in a supportive environment is VERY empowering and can sometimes be the catalyst you need to make it happen!!

Keep dreaming!



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