• happy is a choice

    Being happy is a choice. Choosing to be happy doesn’t require any conditions to be present or absent. Being happy doesn’t require anything except your choosing and then your focus.

    How does that last statement make you feel? Does it feel true? What may pop up in your mind are all the conditions you believe must be present or absent in order for you to feel happy. The list of possible conditions you have convinced yourself are necessary in order to feel happy is infinite. People believe all kinds of things about happiness. People believe they need a relationship, need to be single, need a certain job, need to quit their job and not work, need to make a ton of money, need to live with as little possessions as possible, need to live in a big house, need to live in a practical house, the list goes on and on.

    The truth is that happiness is your NATURAL state.

    Conditions are simply PREFERENCES each individual person makes once they are HAPPY.

    You see, when you feel happy you know exactly what it is YOU PREFER. You don’t go looking for some condition that someone told you would make you happy, or some condition that used to feel good, or anything like that.

    You allow yourself to be happy, and then you CREATE. You make choices from that good feeling place. You know exactly who you are and what you want at this moment in time.

    If you’re waiting to allow yourself to feel happy until…., you are holding yourself apart from everything you have ever wanted, and more importantly, from feeling really good right NOW. Happiness is simply a matter of your own focus. It is something only YOU can do for YOU.

    For just today, what if you let yourself play around with this. For one day, what if you decided to see if you could shift how you feel without changing any conditions first? Would you give it a try? Everything you want is really about emotion so what if you could feel better right now and then receive the conditional change? Start by giving yourself permission to be happy now.

    Being happy first eliminates confusion about what action to take or not.

    If you choose to be happy and then focus on conditions you will eliminate MOST if not ALL confusion regarding what action to take or not.

    Think about it, much confusion is a result of not knowing what you want or if the action is really the answer. If you take the emotion out of the equation and realize you can be happy whether you change the condition or not, you’ll know exactly what YOU personally prefer.

    *****Just because you feel happy before the condition changes also does not mean you have to continue TOLERATING it. What it does mean is you will KNOW for sure if you want a change and exactly what it is. You can make your decisions from a good feeling place. You do not need to feel bad in order to change conditions or modify them. Once you understand this life is a really wonderful gift.

    Have fun with this.