• What does it mean to be yourself?

    If you have ever wondered how to be yourself or why it seems so difficult to do something that should be so natural, this article is for you. How can you be yourself again or maybe for the first time?

    • Accept that emotions are guidance. Your emotions are always guiding you toward beliefs that are true for you. When you feel a positive emotion, you are thinking something that is true. When you feel negative emotion it means what you are thinking is not in-line with who you are, what you want, and is not true for you. This is why continuing to talk about things that bring forth negative emotion is unnecessary and disallowing the solution or the true story.
    • Choose to feel good so that your beliefs are in line with the REAL you. People often dismiss their thoughts not realizing they are often messages from your inner self. When you receive a thought, and you’re in a more positive emotional state, the thought is a message. It is important for you. It is a realization….it is your personal guidance at work. Deliberately choosing to feel good will allow you to think like the real YOU.
    • Accept what you want. This one is so important and yet so underrated. Why are you trying to convince yourself that you don’t want what you do want? Or why are you trying to convince yourself you do want something that you really don’t? What if you simply accepted that there are things you want and things you don’t? And you know what they are by the way they feel to you. Remember…positive emotion tells us it is something in line with what we DO want. Accept yourself and your personal desires.
    • Forgive yourself. If you are holding yourself back in life because of something you did in the past, you have to forgive yourself. No one else on this planet can give you the permission to forgive yourself but you. Make peace with it, and ask yourself if the story you have been telling about how bad or horrible you were is really the true story. Is that really why you did it? If it is, make peace with it. If it isn’t, make peace with that as well. Most likely, the story you have been telling is not really why you did it.
    • Choose to live your life without using “society’s rules” as your guide. People are just people, regardless of what position they hold or what they say they know better than you. This could be people in certain positions, teachers, parents, authors, experts, and the list goes on and on. Their rules are not necessarily a thing for you. No one’s life is so black and white that they can follow all of “society’s rules” and be happy and fulfilled at the same time. The best advice anyone can give you is to listen to yourself. Decide your own path by how it feels and follow that.