• Do You Have Dreams for Your Life?

  • Emotion is the key.

    If there is something you want, positive emotion is the key that brings it to you. Without positive emotion you might try using ineffective actions in order to make it happen or make it be, all of which feel difficult and bad because you haven’t taken the time to create a positive emotional state. What if you simply allowed what you want to come to you? What if positive emotion inspired the right action easily and effortlessly? What if all you had to focus on first was how you feel and you could have anything you have ever dreamed? How does that feel?

    It isn’t the stuff that brings the happiness, it is the happiness that brings the stuff. Everyone is running around looking for stuff in to feel better, when it really is about shifting your mindset and then allowing the things you want from that place. Emotion is the key.

    10 ways to shift your emotion and mindset into an allowing, positive, feel-good place where living out your dreams becomes possible.

    1. Look for moments of satisfaction throughout your day. This could be when you first wake up and notice how comfortable your bed is, or that first cup of coffee, a hug from your child, that first bite of delicious food, a great conversation, and the list goes on. The more you look for moments of satisfaction, the more you’ll experience them. You don’t have to talk about them unless you want to, but simply take note and feel the satisfaction as often as you can and you’ll experience more.
    2. Feel appreciation for those who are already living the way you want or have something that you want. If you want it also, feel good about it, feel good about those that have it, remember positive emotion is key. What do you say about people who are living as you want to?
    3. Believe it, know it, and trust it before it is real. You don’t have to go looking for your path. You prepare it in your mind and emotions and it appears right beneath you. There is nothing to go to, it comes to you. How does it feel to think this way?
    4. Nothing is more important than you feeling good. It is necessary for you to come into a place of positive emotion and thought. In order to do so, you must love you. Love yourself enough to choose what feels good to and for you.
    5. You have to be happy with the vibrational version, or the version you see in your mind and feel emotionally, of what you want before the physical version can come. It isn’t about being happy in the absence of what you want, but in the vibrational or thought-up version of what you want. You have to believe in your own dreams!
    6. The reason you may not enjoy the process more is because you question whether you’ll get it, whether it will come. So, you become unhappy that it isn’t here yet because you fear that you’ll let yourself get all happy and focused and it won’t be there. But it isn’t possible for your dreams to not be there if you believe in them, so why not enjoy the process.
    7. You give other people too much power as you acknowledge how they make you feel. What you have to decide is how I’m going to feel. Go to a place in your mind and practice feeling good. What you want will come based on what you have conjured up in your mind and how you have decided you want to feel. Whether you consciously choose your emotions or not, you will still get more and more of what is a match to how you feel. Wouldn’t you rather decide what that is?
    8. As you say over and over to yourself, “I want to feel good” you will be inspired to go here or go there, look at this book, watch this show, don’t watch this one, listen to this song, don’t listen to this song, don’t join that conversation, etc. You will feel guided in each moment if you decide that “the only thing that matters is that I feel good.” Let go of the overthinking and simply decide how you want to feel.
    9. The less attention you give to everyone else’s reality, the the more clear and sure and deliberate you can stand in your own mind and emotion. Mind your own business and let everyone else mind theirs. And by your own business, I mean your own dreams, your thoughts and emotions. Remember how you feel is your only order of business. Your thoughts will follow your feel-good vibe which will bring about everything you want.
    10. The only opinion that is of any importance to you is your own, and your opinion of you affects your entire universe. Give yourself the time and space it takes to remember and know how wonderful you are. Let go of what anyone else thinks about you and focus on the best parts of you. Love you, cherish you, look for positive aspects, appreciate yourself, be kind with yourself, understand yourself, and allow your entire universe to change.

    Have fun with these! And as always if you are interested in coaching with me, redeem your free introductory coaching session.