• Dream Life Program

  • The Dream Life Coaching Program: Create your life exactly as you want it to be.

    The Dream Life Coaching Program is a 12-week coaching program with Dana as your personal life coach. This program will bring you ultimate clarity, success, emotional stability, confidence, love and connection, freedom, and ultimately your dream life. This coaching style and method is designed for those who want to know exactly who they are, exactly what they want, are committed to uncovering and experiencing lasting happiness and want to create and live out their ultimate Dream Life. This program is immersive, it is designed specifically for you, and it will result in the creation of your dream life. You can have, be, or do anything you wish.

    We balance out and create your life exactly as you want it be. Some areas you may choose to work on in the program include: relationships, health, money, work, spiritual, personal development, fun, surroundings, and contribution. When all of the important areas of your life are balanced and created as you really want them to be life is really, really great. We begin by assessing where you are in all of these areas and then a plan is created for your 12-week program. You can live your life exactly as you wish according to your personal values and desires.

    You will coach one-on-one with Dana over the phone for one-hour 9 weeks out of 12. The other 3 weeks are designated to work on and apply all of the strategies, exercises, and new information. There will be daily coaching via email that involves check-ins and feedback.

    What you can expect from The Dream Life Coaching Program:

    Clarity: Get clear about what you want and how to get it. Throughout this program you will gain a clear understanding about who you really are, not who others have told you that you are or you have believed you are. Gain a sense of clear knowing regarding what you like, don't like, want, do not want, and how to go about getting it all.

    Accomplishment and Success: Stop giving up or attempting to give up on your dreams and goals and finally live them. If you are ready to achieve success and accomplish what it is that you want, you will both learn how to do so as well as know what actions to take or not take to get you there. This refers to success in anything that you desire. Ultimately success is a result of how much joy you are experiencing in your life. If you feel like you could experience more joy, more balance, and more of your personal goals this program is for you. 

    Emotional Stability: No more ups and downs, anxiousness, fear or bouts of depression. Learn how to take control of your emotions by letting go of beliefs that don’t serve you, live in the present and be excited about your life. You can spend most of your time and life in these higher states and in order to live your ultimate life, you must. 

    Confidence: Know who YOU uniquely are. Be comfortable in your own skin and know exactly what is best for YOU. Confidence is knowing who you are, following your own unique path, feeling good about yourself, owning your own decisions and life, and believing in yourself and your dreams.

    Freedom: Imagine feeling free all the time, imagine creating your life exactly as you want it to be, imagine freedom from over-thinking, other people's opinions, and negative emotions. The Dream Life Program will bring you the ultimate feeling of freedom as well a a life that that is designed to be as free as you want to be. 

    Love and Connection: Fall in love with life and yourself. Create solid, energizing, fun, positive relationships and learn to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore or never did. When you love and connect with yourself you will know exactly what this means. Love and connect with yourself first and all of your relationships begin to shift in the perfect direction. Often you need to spend some time on your own connection in order to have a great one with someone else. Relationships begin with you.

    Your Dream Life: If you can think it you can have it, be it, or do it. If you want it, it is a possibility for you. Let go of what anyone, including yourself,  has told you is impossible, not for you, not how it works, never going to happen or not you. If you can think it and you want it, it is your dream to have. No one has the right to take that dream away from you. No one knows what you have inside of you. If you want it, it can be yours, it can be you, you can do it.

    Pricing For The Dream Life Program

    The program costs $5,000 and can be split into payments. For this price you receive top-notch one-on-one coaching, access to your own private coach daily throughout the program, and of course your dream life in all or any areas that are important to you.. 

    What Happens After 12 Weeks

    At the end of the program you will have access to Dana via email for check-ins and follow-ups. If you choose to continue coaching after the program ends, you may enroll into the program again, you can become a monthly client or simply purchase single sessions when and if you need them. You are free to choose what is the best fit for you after the 12 week program.

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