• Life is supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to feel good to you. Most people believe that life is hard, a struggle, that you have to try hard, you have to work hard, you can’t always get what you want, etc.

    If you want a happy life that’s fun and feels good, can you also believe that life is hard? The belief that keeps many people from living a happy and joyful life is that life is supposed to be hard.

    How does this impact you?

    If you believe life is supposed to be hard, when something isn’t, you’ll think something is wrong or think you need to try harder or do more. Or you may attempt to stop wanting things if you think the path is going to be hard or a struggle. Or you might think you’ll never achieve anything unless you are trying, so you are resistant to letting yourself relax. People who consider themselves “achievers” often have tied their worthiness into how much they do and how hard they work. So, they don’t feel worthy unless they are working really hard and constantly busy. Make peace with the fact that life can be easy. It can be fun. You can have, be or do anything and in a way that FEELS good all along the way…and that includes being EASY.

    So feeling good is the way?

    Yes!! You can’t get to a place of feeling good from a path that was a struggle. Does it make sense to struggle or work hard or try hard in order to feel good? Once you get there you’ll convince yourself you need to start trying hard or working hard on the next thing. So, you’ll spend very little time feeling relaxed, happy, and easy. You have to shift your beliefs to knowing that the path as well as the result comes from a happy, joyful place. Until you let go of the need to “try” or “struggle” or “grind” it’s not going to feel as good as it can.

    Does this mean I don’t take any action?

    No!! This does not mean you simply sit around watching tv, playing on your phone, staring at nothing and doing nothing ever again. What it means is you let go of the resistant emotion you feel while doing things. You let go of the tense feelings, the stress, the worry, the anxiousness. You still act but it comes from a place of inspiration, joy, certainty, positive expectation. Sometimes it means just sitting there relaxing until you feel calm, but ultimately it is about how you FEEL while doing things that need to be done or you want to be done. The people who are considered masters in anything act but they act from a place of inspiration, not from fear and not from struggle. It is in the letting go of the struggle that all good things come.

    So instead of focusing on what to do, your focus is on how you want to feel. Instead of thinking you have to do something, you focus on feeling and then acting. Most people think they should act in order to shift their emotion. The way it really works is to focus on the feeling, then take action. Otherwise you will always be dependent upon that action to feel good because you won’t realize it was you that chose to feel good or bad, not the action or condition that did it. The easiest way to do this is to attach new meaning to what it is that is happening or to what you need to do. In other words, tell a better feeling story.

    How do I let go of the struggle?

    First, you have to believe that life is supposed to be fun,it is supposed to feel good and it can be easy. Second, you have to make how you feel your number one priority. This is more important than anything else. It has to be more important than gossiping, more important than the need to explain yourself, more important than telling your victim story, more important than complaining, more important than making sure people know what you have been through, more important than proving yourself, more important than talking about what other people are doing wrong, more important than anyone else’s opinion.

    It’s not the struggle that gets you to where you want to be, it is actually in the letting go of the struggle. All great things happen when you LET GO of the problems. The solutions are so much easier and more available than you have been led to believe. People hold onto problems because they believe there is value in doing so…but there is not.

    Say to yourself as many times in a day as you need to, I want to feel good. It is important that I feel good. Life is supposed to feel good. Life is supposed to be easy and fun. Solutions are easy. Solutions can feel really good. It is more important that I feel good than anything else because it is in feeling good that all solutions are realized.

    Can it really be that easy?

    Yes! And this is at the basis of this entire article. It can be as easy as finally letting yourself feel good. Life can be easy and fun. Life can feel really good, you can feel really good. Thing is, you are so free that you get choose what you believe. You can choose to see life as hard or you can choose to see it as easy, and what you personally choose is exactly what you will personally experience. It’s all up to you!