• Stop Analyzing to Live Happily Ever After

  • As humans we often give our attention to so many different things. We focus on what we don’t like now, what failed in the past, we hold onto what was so great in the past and often fail to see what is so great in our now. We think that by analyzing something that happened or by figuring out why it happened we can somehow make our future better. However, as you know, you get what you think about. You get more and more of the way you feel. So, would it make sense that focusing on something you didn’t like, or figuring out how or why it happened would create something new? Or would it create more of the same emotion and condition?

    Every subject is where you last left it. This means everything has an emotional response attached to it. Some things feel really good when you give them your attention, some things feel bad when you give them your attention. This is your personal guidance system at work. Your emotions are feedback from your higher self saying, this is what you want more of (feel-good emotions) or focusing on this is bringing you more of what you do not want (bad feeling emotions).

    What Does This Mean?

    This means you have to stop tolerating and enduring negative emotion for the sake of “figuring” it out or “analyzing” it or understanding it. You do not need to go back and re-live anything, you don’t need to tell old stories, you don’t need to worry about re-creating the same bad-feeling scenarios. What would be more beneficial is to decide right now in your current, present life, that nothing is more important than feeling good right now.

    You Can Focus Solely On What Feels Good.

    Make a pact with yourself that you’re going to do the best you can to focus on what feels good. Promise yourself you’re going to stop analyzing or re-living what hasn’t worked or what doesn’t feel good. Those old “glory days” stories are lovely, but what about now? What do you want moving forward? You can have more peak experiences, more wanted conditions, more happiness. Your happiness truly is a result of what you FOCUS upon.

    Stop Tolerating Negative Emotion.

    If something feels bad when you think it, you’re off track. It’s time to find something else to talk about or think about. This really is the key to feeling good. It’s not about changing the conditions, it’s about your focus. When you learn to focus on what feels better, then, and only then, do your conditions change and you feel GOOD too. If you try to change the conditions without changing your emotions, it’s going to feel hard, it’s going to take longer, and you’re going about it backwards.

    What To Do Now?

    Focus on things that feel good in your now. Find as many things as you can to appreciate in yourself, in others and in the world. Then, spend some time writing out what you would like more of in your life. Simply go about your day focusing again on what feels good. Repeat.

    Meditation is also a very powerful process that allows you to stop old resistant thought long enough to re-focus and see things from a changed emotional state. This makes it easier to find things that feel good when you focus on them and easily and effortlessly brings clarity as well as an emotional shift.

    What About Conditions or Beliefs That Genuinely Feel Bad?

    When you stop analyzing conditions and problems, you also stop rationalizing, justifying and explaining. What then happens is that you begin seeing things as they truly are. You start accepting negative emotion as true and important feedback. Your desire to feel good continues to increase, and in turn things that feel bad become less and less desirable.

    Problem is, when you’re accepting or tolerating negative emotion as a state you have to live in much of the time, you don’t realize how detrimental certain things, people or beliefs truly are. As you spend more time focusing on what feels good, what does not feel good will begin to fade away. Old beliefs that have kept you feeling bad will begin to shift. You will start to see things differently and in turn you will begin making new decisions. But…you have to decide that you do NOT want to live in negative emotional states and instead listen to what you’ve been trying to tell yourself.

    Remember, this process takes as long as it takes for you to believe in the power of your own focus. It could be right away, it could take a bit. Do the best you can and then start again tomorrow. Keep this up and watch what happens.