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Why We Think Our Beliefs Are The Right Ones

Why do we believe our beliefs are the right ones?

Beliefs are created through experience. Every single person has a unique life experience. Some groups, families, friends, or cultures have similar experiences because they are in close proximity, so they create similar beliefs.  There will always be differences though because no two people do everything the same, and no two people are always emotionally experiencing the experience the same. As we create these belief systems, we look for and attract those with similar beliefs. These people help us believe our own thoughts are the “right” ones. If you have a belief system, you will attract and look for experiences and people that will continue to provide evidence of your belief. Sometimes you will meet people with opposing beliefs and you will either agree or disagree with them. Did you do it consciously?

Beliefs drive life. They are thoughts that you have thought over and over and over. That is all they are. So, you can think “I can “over and over, and guess what? You can. You can think “I can’t”, and guess what? You can’t.

When was the last time you questioned your belief systems?

You may notice we have beliefs that maybe do not serve us. For example, if you believe I’m not good enough to do that, you may never even try. We look for evidence to support what we already believe,not necessarily what we want to believe or what could serve us better. Believing “I can” would propel you in a totally different direction than I can’t.

Another interesting thing about beliefs is that you don’t need everyone to agree with you. Diversity is life. Conformity is death. There will never come a day when all the people on this planet have the same set of beliefs. And thank goodness for that!!! This would insinuate that there is only one right way of thinking, and that is never the case. Core beliefs about oneself can be universal, however.

Follow your beliefs that feel good and question your beliefs that feel bad to unveil the core beliefs that serve you. Who do you believe yourself to be? Anything short of amazing is false. What do you believe yourself to be capable of ? Anything short of everything is false. Who do you believe should have freedom? Anything short of everyone is false.

What are your values and beliefs and why? Do they take you where you want to go? How do you feel about you? If everyone stopped to ask this question we could create change so quickly it would be mind blowing. When you have beliefs about yourself that are true and serve you, when you believe good things about yourself, you feel good about you, others and life. And these are the people that create real change. Their beliefs and actions come from a good place and positive things happen.

It is okay to change your beliefs that do not serve you and keep the ones that do. Whether others agree or not is not relevant for you. Do you believe in you? Do you believe in the good? Go after your dreams-they are real. You CAN DO IT!



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