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  • Do You Allow Yourself To Be HAPPY?

    Why won’t you let yourself be happy right now? Have you ever felt bad about being happy? Like you didn’t or don’t have the right to be happy yet? Or that being happy can't possibly be the answer when faced with a problem? Sometimes people hold off real happiness because

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    Be Happy NOW

    Be HAPPY What do you think it is that most people want in life? Great relationships? Successful careers? Money? Freedom? Great people around them? All true, and we could add many more things to this list. But what is at the core of all of these things? Why do you want these things? Because you

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    5 Things To Embrace In Order To Be Happy

    Are you ready to live happily ever after? Are you ready to just be happy and be yourself? I think it's time. 5 Things To Embrace If You Want To Be Happy Your Own Path. You have your own unique path that you have been carving out your entire life. It is a culmination of what you want

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    When Your Success Elicits Negative Reactions

    Success is such a wonderful thing. So why are some of us afraid to reach for it? We likely all want to be successful in areas that are important to us and we want those who we are close to and invested in to be successful too. We may also wish to share the news of our success or

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    Get Exactly What You Want

    What do you believe gets you what you want? How do you go about getting what you want? What do you believe is the path? Take a look at some examples below. What is or are your beliefs? Which of these do you utilize to get what you want? -Hard work -Grinding

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    Prime Yourself To Feel Good

    How often do you deliberately prime yourself to feel good? If I asked you to write down the emotions you experience in a day, what would the list look like? Would it be filled with positive emotions, negative emotions? Would it be null of much emotion? People want to feel good. There is

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    You're Ready To Live Your Life Now

    People often use phrases like, I'm not ready, are you sure you're ready, you might need some time, you need to be alone, you need more practice, I need to know more or understand more, someday I'll be ready...and a whole host of other phrases that put off feeling good and experiencing

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    Being HAPPY Means Being YOURSELF

    What does it mean to be yourself? If you have ever wondered how to be yourself or why it seems so difficult to do something that should be so natural, this article is for you. How can you be yourself again or maybe for the first time? Accept that emotions are guidance. Your emotions are

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