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  • How do You Know What Action to Take?

    Behaviors are classified into 4 classes. Why is this important? Well if you are looking to take action in a way that benefits you and your goals you have to ask yourself which type of behavior are you about to engage in. Class One Behavior Class One behavior is typically characterized by

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    Stop Self-Sabotaging

      There are styles of thinking that help you, and styles of thought that sabotage you. If your relationships, work, or life in general continues to be sabotaged, this could be why. Have you ever asked yourself why you view things a particular way? And why do you come to the

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    Why You Are Stuck and How to Move Forward

    Have you ever wanted to do something, or not do something, but you felt stuck? Like you just couldn't take action? Like something is stuck between your desire and your action? Well there is. Its called your blueprints. These blueprints are belief systems you have created that determine what

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    End Your Weight Loss Struggle For Good!

      Why can't I lose weight? It's because you don't have the mentality of someone who weighs less or who is fit and healthy. Let me ask you something. Do you know what you're supposed to do? Do you do it? Do you know what healthy foods are? Do you eat them? I hear, well I don't

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    Why We Think Our Beliefs Are The Right Ones

    Why do we believe our beliefs are the right ones? Beliefs are created through experience. Every single person has a unique life experience. Some groups, families, friends, or cultures have similar experiences because they are in close proximity, so they create similar beliefs.  There will

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    Negative Emotion Part 2

    Negative emotion can make you believe things are worse than they are. It can give you the flawed perspective that things are terrible. It can lead you to believe all kinds of negative things are happening and will continue to happen. This makes sense , doesn't it? Because feeling negative

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    Negative Emotion-Stop Living Your Life in it

      What is the deal with negative emotion? Negative emotion is feedback from yourself, to yourself, that what you are thinking is in opposition to what you really want. What does this mean? This means you are currently thinking about something you DO NOT want, DID NOT want, DO NOT like, or want

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    Power Emotions

      According to Tony Robbins there are 10 power emotions. These are the emotions that will help you feel better immediately. If you want an amazing quality of life make sure you spend most of your time here. Use these emotions to bring abundance and fulfillment to your life. Power

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