Happiness Really Is The Path

happiness is the path

How exactly do you live your dream life?

Get Happy. That is right, happiness really is the path.

You don’t have to decide exactly what you need or what you need to do in order to feel that way. You don’t need to specify what goals need to be met, who needs to be in your life or out of your life, where you need to go, or any other condition.
Just decide how you want to feel and all of the details of your life will begin to match that.

We tend to think we need to micro-manage every detail of our lives. You are indeed the creator of your life, but you don’t have to work so hard. There is a source bigger than you that knows everything you really want and the easiest and most rewarding way to get to it. If you focus only on how you want to feel, you’ll experience the most fun path towards everything you desire. You have been doing the real work for a long time. You have been living your life deciding what you want and what you don’t, it has been decided by you and will continue to be decided by you simply through living. It is time to allow what you want to flow into your life experience.

Sometimes we think we need to achieve all sorts of things, goals, and steps on the way to what we really want. But if you think about it, why do you want that thing/person/experience anyway? It’s for the emotion you think you’ll experience once you have it. Why not skip the conditions and go right to the emotion? 
Often people don’t like that idea. They think, if I do that I’ll never get the thing I’m asking for. Wrong. 
In fact, you’ll get everything you want and more.

There is no risk in feeling good.

There is no risk in happiness. There is no risk in joy. There is no risk in feeling as enthusiastic as you can. There is no risk in only thinking thoughts that feel good, and not thinking thoughts that feel bad. There is no risk in focusing only on what you do want.
All potential risks are a fallacy created by beliefs that do not serve you. You do not need to struggle, suffer, face reality that you don’t want to re-live, figure it out, grind or work harder.

You simply want to focus on feeling as good as you can and then allow the universe to fill in the details. Allow the path to reveal itself and allow the impulses to direct you towards the right actions. 

You might be thinking, that sounds too easy, too simplistic. There is no way that happiness is the path.

Happiness is absolutely the path. 

Everything else is resistance and simply holds you in a place of not having what it is you really want. The value is not in the struggle or on the holding yourself back, but in deciding what emotions you want to feel and focusing on that. 
The better you feel, the better it gets.

What if you feel like you can’t do this?

This means you have some conflicts in your belief system. It means that your belief system is not in line with what you really desire which is to be unconditionally happy. It means your beliefs could be shifted to serve you better. This will happen when you continue to feel as good as you can, as often as you can. Your beliefs can and will shift to support who you really are if you simply listen to the conditions you believe must occur for you to be happy, then challenge them. Are they really true? If you would like help with this part, you can request an introductory life coaching session and together we can do this.

When you wake up in the morning, declare to yourself which emotions you want to feel and say them several times over. Repeat this every morning and any other time throughout the day when you want to channel your inner power and feel better.

Have fun with this!



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