If you have found yourself here, trust that it is no accident. I believe you are here because you are ready for change.

You have come to the right place if you are ready to live your Dream Life; if you are ready to take yourself and your life to the next level.

My name is Dana Gatto, I am a personal development life coach specializing in both happiness psychology and The Law of Attraction. I am also the creator of The One-on-One Dream Life Coaching Program and The Group Dream Life Coaching Program. The Dream Life Coaching Programs teach and simplify the foundational principles of personal development while also authentically creating the life of your dreams. I am the coach for you if you are looking for expert coaching, to be happier, more successful and fulfilled as well as providing you access to an arsenal of tools that will allow you to continue reaching your goals for the rest of your life.

As a life coach I also offer Single Coaching Sessions and a Monthly Coaching Package. Personalize your coaching experience based on your needs.


How Can I Help You

Master who you really are, what you want, and how to live it all NOW. If you are ready to live out your dreams and goals, master your emotions, and live authentically, one of the life coaching services I offer will work for you. The Dream Life Coaching Program is a 12-week all encompassing daily personal development program guaranteed to bring clarity, happiness, fulfillment and success. The Dream Life Program is also offered as a small group program with 5 others looking to achieve the same goals as you. I also offer one-hour Single Coaching Sessions and a 4-session Monthly Coaching Package.

The Dream Life Program

A 12-week personalized one-on-one coaching program with Dana.

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The Dream Life Group Program

Experience the coaching, lessons and tools found in The Dream Life Coaching Program via small-group coaching with Dana.

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Life Coaching Sessions

Learn more about The Single Coaching Session and The Monthly Coaching Package with Dana.

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Loved and Trusted by My Clients

Read what my clients are saying about their experiences coaching with me.

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