Let Go Of Trying To Prove Yourself And Simply Be Yourself

be yourself

You Have Nothing To Prove

You are no here to prove yourself to anyone. Life is not a test. You are not being graded or ranked by some entity. You are here to live a joyous, expansive life WITH Source or God or the Universe or your higher self (whatever you call it). You are not being judged, you are not doing something wrong, you are in fact living WITH source flowing through you. You are not alone, you are always in it with your inner self, it is simply a matter of how much you are allowing or disallowing your own source or self in any given moment. In other words, give up trying to prove yourself and simply be yourself.

Your life is merely a reflection of the vibration that you are offering, or the degree to which you are allowing your inner self to flow. It isn’t a test, it is a reflection. What you think is what you get. Period. So, if there is something you would like to change, change the thoughts you think and the emotions that you feel.

One of the best ways to do so is to stop trying to prove yourself to anyone. They do not need to understand you. They do not need to know what you know. They have their own thing going on and the more you try to prove yourself, explain yourself, justify yourself, the further and further you get from your own alignment with your own inner self.

People will see you as they see you. They believe what they believe. You can not hold yourself back in order to take them with you. You can not make them see what you know. You have to give yourself permission to go out and live as happily as possible and allow those that are ready for who you are to meet you there.

Be yourself.

Be the weirdo who is happy for no reason.

Work with the universe when many are in opposition to it.

Understand the laws of the universe without explaining them to people who can not hear you anyway.

Give Up Proving Yourself And Simply Be Yourself

You do not need to prove yourself worthy before you can allow great things, great abundance, great love into your life. Since you can not prove worthiness you will never get to a place where this feels done. It is an endless trap. If you are waiting to prove your worthiness to someone or something, you will never accomplish this because it simply can not be done. You are as worthy as anything or anyone can be. You are one with Source so how can you not be worthy?

Line up with what you desire and allow it to unfold in your life. You are already worthy. You are already ready. Get happy. Focus on what you desire and allow the universal forces to bring you all that you have asked for.

It is simply ask, believe and receive. Notice I did not say ask, get worthy and receive. I did not say ask, prove yourself and receive. It is simply ask, believe and receive. Another way to say this is the well known phrase: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

There is nothing to prove to anybody. Doesn’t it feel good to hear that? You can let go of the struggle and allow yourself to feel good right now. It is so much easier to have what you want than you have ever believed it to be. You can allow your life to be everything you have ever wanted. You can live your dream life now.



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