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I remember when I was joking with some friends about 6 years ago or so about my dream life.

I said in my dream life, “I just want to be able to talk to people all day while I drink coffee in my leggings.”

Of course we laughed, like yeah, right, ok.

As a newly single mom of 3 that was a joke.

Or was it…I thought about what I said a few days later, and I realized…well that came from somewhere. And it is true.

I have always loved people, watching them light up when they talk about themselves, bringing out the best in people.

I’ve always wondered how some people are so happy and successful while others seem to struggle, even with so much talent, kindness, genius, creativity, and beauty.

What was holding them back?

All the questions I was asking and all the things I was drawn to and loving were actually creating the life I live now.

I had limiting beliefs, I didn’t know how to feel my emotions and allow them to shift (more on this very important topic later this week🙌🏻), I didn’t know how to access MY dreams, how to believe in them.

I didn’t know how to “find” out who I really was. What was actually true about me and for me.

I didn’t realize the immense power of the mind and emotions and how they work together so perfectly.

Until I did.

Until I got to work, and started to uncover all of these gems. When I think back, I always knew what I wanted, I could hear it when I was allowing my true self to take the floor.

I just didn’t always know how to get there or that I actually could so I held it down.

Stayed stuck, lost focus, regained focus, lost it again…

Every single one of us has the ability to live our dream life exactly as we want.

To feel exactly as we want.

To step into our authentic dream lives.

Today…well today, I’ll go to the gym for hours because that’s something I decided to build into my day every day, and when I get home…

I’ll be sitting on my couch in some crazy ass leggings, next to my fireplace, coffee in hand.

I’ll have the privilege of talking to some of the most wonderful humans who too want to live the lives they want, while feeling the way they want.

Who want to unearth their true selves and live happily and authentically, the lives they’ve been creating and deciding on their whole lives.

People who are sick of being stuck and ready for direction, focus, and answers as to why they haven’t been able to get where they’re trying to go.

Stuck in their relationships or career, emotionally or with their health or specific behaviors…or all of the above.

People who are ready to live their lives deliberately, make their dreams a literal reality, and FEEL the way they want to.

If you want something, you can have it, you can be it, you can do it.

When there’s something you want that you just can’t seem to get to or change, there’s ALWAYS beliefs in the way.

It’s all within YOU which means YOU have the ability to have it, be it, do it.

Everything you want is possible when you’re willing to open up to it, to think bigger, to think differently, to FEEL…to grow.

To allow more of your TRUE self.

If you’re ready to get un-stuck and regain focus, to live your life the way you want to and stay there, to be HAPPIER…I have 5 spots available.

Message me and let’s unleash what’s holding you back, let’s uncover what you really want, let’s get you focused and moving, and let’s make it happen.

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