• There is a process to manifest anything you want and it is the same for everything you want. The process starts with the desired emotion, moves to the realization of a desire you hold, it is then filled in with the specifics that are specific to you, next comes inspired action (if needed), and finally the receiving of the desire. Each step in itself is a manifestation and part of the process.


    You create the emotional atmosphere by choosing what you think about. Your mood brings more and more thoughts that match. Think about it…when you’re angry you keep thinking more angry thoughts. When you’re sad you think about sad things. When you’re connected you think things that feel really good and feel really true to who you are. The part people often don’t know or misunderstand is that in order to allow the manifestation, you have to continue feeling the emotion. What is the emotion that you want to feel? If you would focus on a feeling of joy or happiness, everything you have ever wanted would make its way to you. Feeling the emotion is the first step in manifesting desire.


    Desires are born from emotion. New desires come from a connected place. When you feel really good desires show themselves to you. Feel appreciation for these desires as they are the next manifestation in a series of manifestations that will lead to what you want. The desire should be celebrated. Often times we don’t want new desires because we don’t know how they’ll come about or don’t believe they are possible. It can feel like we would rather not want things than feel disappointed. Truth is that if you can think it, you can have it. The universe does not tease you with desires that can not be manifested. You have to shift your beliefs into knowing that once a desire is born, it’s yours. It was specifically brought to you because it is a match to you and it is possible for you. In fact it is certain. Do not let go of the desire simply because you don’t believe it yet, instead shift your beliefs so you do believe in what you want.


    As you allow yourself to feel your desire, the specifics will begin to fill in. This is such a fun part of the process as the specifics are exciting and feel really good. This is the step where you get really clear about what you want. The specifics are very personal and are a result of your personal preferences, preferences that you have decided throughout your life. All you have to do to continue feeling the specifics is continue to feel connected. Instead of trying to make things happen right away, allow the specifics to fill in and feel really good. You’ll begin to know exactly what you want and the more you allow, the better.


    Inspired action comes next. If what you want to manifest requires action you’ll be inspired to it. It will come to you and through you with what is the best path for you to take in order to get to your manifested desire. When you feel the inspiration, follow it immediately. And until you feel it, the details are still filling in and action isn’t necessary yet. You’ll know. You’ll feel it. Be ready and be willing to follow it. This step requires trusting yourself and what you feel.


    Allow yourself to receive what you want. Allow yourself to accept that you’re worthy and you can easily have what you want. Allow yourself to feel good throughout and receive  without making excuses why it can’t possibly be so easy or why there’s no way you deserve what you want yet or wondering how you will possibly explain it to others who won’t understand your process. The process to manifest is so simple but it requires a shift in thinking. It requires you to accept ease and flow, to be easy about it, to trust yourself above all else, to receive without needing to explain anything to anyone. This is about relaxing, letting go of resistance, moving past the past, and be present.

    Have fun with this process!