Creating an Abundance Mindset

Abundance is a feeling created by a mindset.

Have you ever noticed how wealthy and successful people talk? How they act? What they truly believe? If you want more money or abundance of any kind in your life, you have to think like someone who is wealthy.

Money is truly a wonderful thing. The most common reason people aren’t wealthy…they don’t believe they deserve to be. The next most common reason is that they don’t love money. In fact, they have all kinds of negative emotions surrounding money. If you don’t love and appreciate something, how long does it stick around?

It’s time to adjust your mindset to a wealth mindset.


Remember…abundance is not just about money…these beliefs listed are specifically about money, but they can really be applied to any area where you want to feel more abundance.

Here we go…
1. I create my life instead of life happens to me. Be deliberate. This is YOUR life…you choose.

2. Play the money game to win instead of play the money game not to lose. One is empowering, one is dis-empowering and rooted in fear.

3. Commit to being wealthy instead of just wanting to have money. Commit means there is no other possibility other than you WILL.

4. Think big versus think small. No tolerating and no settling. Dream big, meaning don’t downsize your dream to fit your current reality but do upgrade your belief to fit your dream.

5. Focus on opportunities instead of obstacles. So focus on why and not why not. Focus on what is working instead of what is not. And remember…if something doesn’t work out, there’s simply a better way or a new way. Don’t quit on what you want, adjust your sails.

6. Admire successful people instead of resenting them. Admire them because there is NO lack. Someone else’s success does not take away from your ability to also be successful. There is enough for everyone.

7. Associate with positive, successful people instead of with negative, unsuccessful people. This one is a no-brainer. You become like the people you spend the most time with so choose wisely. And to be around positive people, you too need to be a positive person as well.

8. Promote yourself and your value instead of thinking negatively about yourself and de-valuing you. It’s not wrong to think great things about yourself and it is important that you know the value you bring (in every area of life but definitely when it comes to making money)!!!

9. Be an excellent receiver instead of a poor receiver. You have to be an excellent receiver in order to receive! Seems obvious but make sure you’re comfortable accepting and not just giving. Both…always need BOTH!

10. Choose to get paid based on results instead of based on time. This is important because it doesn’t matter how long something takes you or how difficult it is but simply what is the result? Stop thinking money should be hard or take up all of your time.

Money is simply energy. Line up with it, love it, see it as a positive mechanism and watch how easily it comes. Money is a wonderful part of life and you deserve it. There is more than enough for everyone who allows it…but you can’t have what you’re not a match to. So focus on how you FEEL about money, change your beliefs, and let it roll in.



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