Validate Yourself

Dana Gatto

Validate yourself.

When I stand in my power I’m focused.

I’m confident and loving.

I’m happy and ambitious.

I know where to focus my energy and who and what my priorities are.

Recently I had an experience that brought light to the power vulnerability, openness, and honesty have on my personal power, ability to create my life my way, and my overall happiness.

I care about how I’m treated, how I’m spoken to, how my feelings and perspective are validated or invalidated, how my needs and wants are received.

Because I care about me.

And the person who needs to do this for me…is ME.

Putting yourself out there in your relationships, career, online, declaring your goals or wants…can be really f-ing scary.

If you’ve been or are used to being invalidated, criticized, lied to, or shamed for expressing your emotions, desires, or needs…you may have stopped or you may only let out what you believe is safe.

It’s safe to feel your emotions.

It’s safe to process them.

It’s safe to own your perspective and experiences.

It’s safe to own your needs and wants.

It’s safe to own the times when you weren’t connected and behaved from there.

But if you’ve expressed these things to “unsafe” people, you may believe it’s not.

You may have experienced loss, pain, or invalidation… or you may have been manipulated for giving people information about you.

You may have experienced criticism, projection, and been shamed or made to feel dumb for your thoughts, ideas, perspectives, or emotions.

These things can happen…they can happen when you express yourself to unhealed, unsafe, emotionally unintelligent people.

People who don’t have the capacity to be vulnerable, loving, open, and honest.

When you allow yourself to feel, to connect with your own wants, your own genius ideas and thoughts…you get back in touch with yourself.

You can see that what you’re feeling is best for you is truly best, what you want for you is what you want for you, what you know to be true for you is indeed true for you.

I want you to ask yourself if you feel safe and secure owning all of YOU.

To validate YOURSELF.

You deserve to feel safe to be you, to feel your emotions, your fears, doubts, insecurities, dreams, needs and wants.

To get real with all the parts of you.

To own all of you, not just the parts, emotions, or perspectives that were accepted or praised by others.

From here you can process through, validate yourself, and move forward from a more connected perspective of yourself.

If you need or want a safe space to open up to your emotions, your perspectives and experiences, your truest wants and needs, as well as your fears, blocks, and the parts you often turn away from…I got you.

Validate yourself so you can see yourself.

Be honest with yourself so you can move forward.

Feel your emotions so you can understand yourself.

And when you vulnerably express yourself…you are yourself.

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