• be happy

    Be HAPPY

    What do you think it is that most people want in life? Great relationships? Successful careers? Money? Freedom? Great people around them? All true, and we could add many more things to this list. But what is at the core of all of these things? Why do you want these things? Because you believe these things will lead to a HAPPY life. What people want is to be happy.

    Most people want to simply be HAPPY.

    So how do we go about living a happy life?

    Here are 10 ways to live a HAPPY life.

    1.  Stop blaming others. You are not unhappy because of anything someone else did. Stop blaming them. You are unhappy because you are still focusing on them and what you believe happened to your happiness. Stop blaming others for why you do not have the life you want, the money you want, the success, the knowledge, the home, etc. YOU are in charge of you. Make new decisions and watch what happens. Until you take responsibility for your own happiness, and ultimately your life, lasting happiness will be hard to maintain.
    2. Let go of being a victim or seeing others as victims. When you see yourself as a victim you take away your power. When you see someone else as a victim, you strip them of their power. Let go of being a victim. Rise up and be the victor and the hero of your story. Take back your power…because it is right there waiting for you. You are powerful. You are independent. You are strong. You are in charge of your life. Go out and show yourself what you’re made of.
    3. Let go. You don’t have to hold so tight to the things you want. If something is meant for you, if you really want something and it is a match to you, let it go. You don’t have to grip it so tightly because there is resistance in that gripping. You want to feel free and allowing and watch what you want line up for you. Everything you want is coming to you. Just relax and believe in it.
    4. Let go of expectations for others. What other people do is none of your business. If you want something to change, change yourself. If you want to raise your expectations, raise your expectations for YOURSELF. The change you are looking for is always in yourself. Do this and watch how easy it is to be happy when you don’t believe others need to change first.
    5. Be confident. Only you need to know exactly who you are. You don’t have to explain, rationalize or justify who you are or why you do what you do to anyone else. Confidence is knowing exactly what you are about, what you want, and listening to your inner self tell you exactly what it is and the best path for YOU. No one outside of you knows better than you do what is meant for you. Know that.
    6. There is a difference between WANT and NEED. Nobody NEEDS anyone else, but you may WANT other people in your life. You are a complete human. You are not missing anything, you are not broken, you are not merely a half of anything. You are whole, you are fabulous, you are powerful, you are complete. When you know this, everyone and everything is a WANT, and what fun that is.
    7. Actions follow feelings. If you feel something, your action will be inspired by that feeling (or emotion). If it feels forced, it is because your action is not coming from the emotion you are feeling. You are trying to act when the feeling is not there. Spend more time feeling and less time acting and watch what happens.
    8. Let go of fear. Fear prevents you from what it is you really want.  Ask yourself what it is you fear, this will tell you more clearly what it is you want. Then move past it. Fear does not serve you past that point.
    9. Live unconditionally. When I say unconditional, I mean you are in charge of how you feel no matter what the conditions may be. The conditions are NOT responsible for why you feel the way you do, you are. I am not speaking of tolerating. Many people believe unconditional love means you have to tolerate someone no matter what. What I am referring to is the fact that you can feel as good as you want REGARDLESS of the conditions. And from this space you can make decisions about what it is that you do and do not want for your life.
    10. Give when it feels good. Nothing feels as good as giving when it comes from a great state. Feel good and then do whatever it is that you are inspired to do. But, do NOT give because you feel obligated or guilty. This is in line with number 7. You have to feel good and then allow the action to be inspired from that place. Nothing feels like giving, but you can’t pour from an empty cup. So take the time to get yourself into a positive state, and then act from inspiration.