Do You Allow Yourself To Be HAPPY?

Why won’t you let yourself be happy right now?

Have you ever felt bad about being happy? Like you didn’t or don’t have the right to be happy yet? Or that being happy can’t possibly be the answer when faced with a problem?

Sometimes people hold off real happiness because they don’t believe happiness could possibly be the answer. Often people think there has to be some kind of struggle or negative emotion. In other words, people make all kinds of excuses for why they can’t be happy or have what they want right now.

Let’s put it this way, if you know there’s something that you can do or stop doing in order to feel better, why are you waiting?

If meditating feels better than overthinking, do that. If you know working on a project will feel good and needs to be done, do that. If you know going to the gym will make you feel energized and accomplished, go. If eating healthy foods will feel good now and also later, do it. If breaking up with that negative person will make you feel better, do it. If you think a conversation could change things, have the conversation. If saving your money instead of spending it all will feel better, do it. If appreciating what you have feels better than complaining about what you don’t, do that. If you want a job that makes more money, do that. If you don’t know what action to take, just stay off the subject for a little while.

In other words, stop waiting to feel better. Happiness is your natural state. Choose what you know feels better because it is always the answer that is right for you. People over-complicate this because often they aren’t taught to follow their joy. The true answer is always to do what feels best. Always choose happy. Always choose YOUR path of least resistance in any moment.

What behaviors do you engage in that you know are bad or aren’t getting you what you want or where you want to be? Why do you do them? Chances are you don’t believe that happiness is the answer or that doing what feels best to you is always your path. Following the path of least resistance is the quickest and most enjoyable path.

What if you honestly looked at yourself and what you want. What is the truth? Will saving that money really feel bad? Or will it feel empowering? Could being happy right now really be a bad thing? Is going to the gym really the worse option? Is feeling good even if your relationship isn’t perfect really a bad thing?

What excuses do you have for not being happy right now?
And what excuses do you also have for why you can’t take action that will solve the problem?

Now…keep in mind that the excuses you have are beliefs that you hold. You may have picked these beliefs up via other people or your life experience. You may not have deliberately chosen the beliefs that are holding back your happiness. In fact you may not even be aware that the beliefs you hold are merely excuses for not being happy right now. But they are.

Remember…you can have, be or do anything. Anything other than that is an excuse or a lie. You are also supposed to feel really good, anything that says otherwise is also untrue.

10 Things You Should Know About Happiness.

  1. Happiness is your natural state. It is what you feel when you let go of resistant thought.
  2. Happiness presents itself different in all people. Following your happiness does not necessarily look like your friends or your parents, etc. What feels best to you is unique to you.
  3. It does not come via money, relationships, circumstances, events, or stuff. It is your natural state of being. The stuff doesn’t create the happiness. You do.
  4. Being happy can absolutely attract all the things you want such as money, relationships, circumstances, events, or stuff.
  5. Happiness can begin to be felt immediately when you let go of the thoughts holding it down. Remember…it is your natural state.
  6. Attempting to feel happiness by controlling people, places or events leads to frustration and time wasted not being happy. You don’t get happy by controlling anyone or anything. You allow happiness by making peace with where you are and where everyone else is.
  7. Follow your joy and you can’t go wrong (regardless of what anyone else tells you or how people claim it affected them).
  8. You are responsible for your happiness. They are responsible for theirs.
  9. Happiness can be easy if you follow the path of least resistance.
  10. Happiness doesn’t require anything or anyone, it is simply an unconditional emotion.
  11. BONUS: Often allowing your happiness means you have to un-learn all those beliefs you picked up from people who were not happy. You’ve got this!



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