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Negative Emotion-Stop Living Your Life in it


What is the deal with negative emotion?

Negative emotion is feedback from yourself, to yourself, that what you are thinking is in opposition to what you really want. What does this mean?

This means you are currently thinking about something you DO NOT want, DID NOT want, DO NOT like, or want to change. 

Negative emotion is meant to be felt momentarily, just long enough that you are aware of it. Then, ask yourself “What is going on here?” “There is something important here, what is it” “What is it that I DO want?”

Your thoughts create your reality. Did you hear what I said? Your thoughts CREATE your reality! So, thinking about what you do not want, did not want, do not like, what made you mad, sad, upset, hurt, frustrated CREATES a reality you do not want, do not like, that makes you mad, makes you sad, makes you frustrated…


If we know our thoughts create our reality, why would we keep talking or thinking about these things? We wouldn’t! THIS IS THE KEY!! The stories you tell and the things you think about, these are the building blocks of your entire life! The negative emotion was never meant to be permanent or repeated. It was there to help you be a conscious creator!

The next time you start telling a story or thinking about something that is drawing negative emotion, STOP! Ask yourself how this makes you feel. Bad=a message that you are creating or re-creating an unwanted experience. Ask yourself what the message is and allow the answer to come from within.

Negative emotion is a very good thing It is an incredible feedback system that is unique to you. Love it! But do not stay there.

You are supposed to live a joyous, happy life!!



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